This is that page where I am going to try (try is the operative word) to post all my photos.

Well maybe not ALL, just the interesting ones…I am going to also try to post them from oldest to newest so if you come back here, just scroll down to see if there are any new shots.  If I find that I have time, I will talk about how the shot was composed and if I used any altering software to the image.

Lightning shot from my house.  I poped the screen out of my bathroom window, set the camera on the sill and started taking photos.  I ended up setting the shutter to stay open for 30 seconds at a time.  I did not alter the photo in any way (other than sizing it down for web use).

Fun with lightning!

A cool house I sold early in 2006


From the movie shoot 

We hung some people

View from 4D Ranch

Old west set

Stitched photo



Driving down the road, always prepared to snap a photo op:


Artsy fartsy daisy. I used a filter in photoshop for the first one, the rest are just plain old photos:


Deformed daisy 2

Deformed daisy 3

 Fly in my back yard, this is as close as I am able to get with just the 18-55mm lens:


4th of july fun.  I really wish I had a tripod for this night, there were a lot of really good photos, but blury from the needed slow shutter speed:

Did I mention that he is crazy?

 a three foot sparkler!!!

Rodeo Fun.  All of these are cropped (a lot) due to the poor reach of the stock lens (18-55mm).  I took about 300 photos that night, and 30 or so turned out…10 of wich were worth sharing. 

Chicken Cowboy



The X games have nothing on him!




This cute little guy was somewhere between .25″ and .5″ in total size.  Taken with my new 170-300mm Zoom lens…with a macro feature.


Taken with the new lens also (first day I bought it), a drop of water in a dirty coffee mug sitting in my kitchen sink.  I used a green rag (got it wet) for the back drop.  I also had to raise the contrast levels significantly to allow the water show up. 


Still the same day with the new lens, I turned on the water tap and set the shutter speed to ludicrous speed


One last shot on the first day with the new lens, a low wattage light bulb:


Large spider saying hello in the morning.  (I replied with my boot after I took his photo)

Get a job you HOBO! 

Smoke makes at least one good thing, interesting views of the sun and moon.  (if you look close you may see that I need to clean my lens)


A day at the park with friends: (you can see Angela, Jill, Ellie, Zeke and me in this photo)


The next 2 photos are both aimed at the same subject.  The first is taken with an 18mm lens and the second with a 600mm:



A few moon shots, again thanks to the smoke interesting coloring.  I took these out my bedroom window at 6:30am:




Here is a little fly I found dead in my kitchen…I used plain cardstock paper, a one cent penny, and a low wattage lightbulb for the … uhh..well lighting.  The photo was taken with max zoom on my 170-300 macro lens.  This is the same shot, just a different crop:

Zzzzzz...   ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Same penny, different dead bug.  (and some super glue to hold him up)

The first good bee penny photo.

I just realized that I hadn’t added the photos from my other posts to the Photo Stuff page…so here it goes:


At this point I found out about much better for sharing photos!!!

Blue and orange game



The Water Fire celebration in Rhode Island:

Me in NY City:

The Brooklyn Bridge:

Ground Zero:

A wreck on the freeway:

And some more from the east coast trip:

Another of me just outside of Central Park. The building on the right is Trump Tower.

What is more cliche than old guys playing chess in the park, in New York?

Time Square


5 Responses to “Photo gallery stuff…”

  1. Hoopy Frood Says:

    First comment, HA! I win!

    Actually I must know how you allow comments on this page. E-mail me, please!

  2. Hoopy Frood Says:

    Oh, and sweet pics as always…

  3. CeCe Says:

    Love your pics! Again, thanks for the family pics & wedding DVD. Super Great job! Your hired!

  4. Tarah Says:

    Why no pics of wife???? hmmm… does she know this???

  5. Sarah Says:

    Seriously – spiders??!!! Yuck!

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