I have been looking forward to i48 for quite some time.  If you are not familar with i48, let me fill you in.

i48 is a film competition/festival.  People form team and register in advance to partake in the event.  To enter, paper work is filed and a small fee is paid.  This year Friday, May 29 was the kickoff date.  My group (most from DTX) showed up at the Flix to grab our packet which contains our theme, a specific line of dialogue that must be used in the short film. We also got to choose between 2 different props that must be also used.  The courtyard at the Flix was standing room only…the coordinators gave a nice speech, talked about new rules and wished us good luck.

We were stoked to get Action/Crime and rushed back to the office for a brainstorm session to figure out what movie we were going to make.  If I didn’t mention before, from the time we were released at the Flix we had 48 hours to write, shoot, edit, produce and turn in the final result.

At the office we came up with several ideas and went off to look at potential set locations.

More hours pass as prep work is done and ideas are finalized…we had to get the first shooting done that night.

Angela mentioned that a friend was available if we needed her for the shoot.  Turns out we did need an attractive female to be abducted…and she was perfect for the part.  The main actor we scripted for the ‘BADGUY’ was not available until Saturday morning…and we needed him for the night mugging…so we looked around for a stunt double.

It was between Deely and me, and as I felt like I needed to be on location for our new actress to be abducted, we let Mike go home and get some sleep.

We arrived on location right around midnight.  Perfect location -scary, dark street – with a lone street light.  They loaded me up with a trench coat and a black stocking cap.  I looked and felt like a creep.  We filmed several times of our victim walking, looking over her shoulder and getting scared… then came where the grab needed to take place.

The camera was shooting behind and I was walking along side the camera until my que. 



I took off at a 3/4 run surprised at how fast the victim was running in her 4″ heels.  As I approached I opened my arms ready to grab and lift her off the ground ending the scene.  As I grabbed her she kept going and the momentum of the 204 pound stunt double helped continue the forward movement. 

Something happened.

We started to trip and fall.  I changed balance and started to slow down. 

Another something happened, and I was able to regain balance.

One more time, something happened…and I was not able to regain balance…

We start to fall.

Twisting .






Ohhhh CRAP!  I couldn’t believe I tackled Tanya.

I checked on her.  She said she was fine. 

Man did I feel stoooopid. 

I roll to a sitting position and the guys gathed around.   For some reason I could not straighten my left leg.  It really hurt, but I couldn’t get it to go out in front of me.

I asked John (creative director at DTX) to pull my leg straight.  He slowly pulled it…


“Ewwwww!” everyone said.

My leg felt soooo much better.  I fet so good now that I wanted to stand up.  So I did, carfully with out using my left leg.

We stood there talking a little bit, and they asked me if I was going to be ok, and I stated “yeah, I be great in just a few minutes”.

After a few minuted, I decided to see if I could put some weight on my left leg. 

Slowly…adding more weight…a little more…


I lifted the weight back off and POP SLIDE back into place. 


-At this point everything becomes a little fuzzy.

So, I’m standing there and I feel all hot, sweat starts pouring down my face and my ears are giving me a rushing/ringing sound.  Someone mentioned that I should sit down, and we just happen to have a wheelchair there for the shoot.  I remember hopping over there and feeling better, but shortly after the ringing, rushing sweaty feeling comes back. 

The next thing I remember is being tipped back and thinking WTF are you guys doing.  Brett is in the street on the phone giving directions to our location to who I assume is the 911 operator.

I asked “What are you doing, I’m fine!”

Turns out I had blacked out for about 2 minutes with my eyes open.

So, we decide that I should go get my leg looked at, St. Als is the closest…

I could tell you all about that experience, but this post is long enough…

After x-rays the Dr. thinks I have ripped my interior ligament and I need to follow up with an Orthopedic this week.  The doctor thinks I dislocated my knee cap and we got it back in place (2 times).

I now get to wear a long brace on my leg that keeps my leg straight.  I am afraid to put weight on my leg again as popping the knee cap out of place isn’t that much fun.

It sounds like the rest of the movie shoot went really well, and I cannot wait to see how it turned out.


My good friend Lance was kind enough to give our friends and me a very cool tour of the power systems process.  The amount of work and brains that go into creating and distributing electricity simply amaze me.



This will officially be my last family update post.  Due to confidentiality issue, I need to be very careful with what I say.  I will still post about stuff and stuff, but if you want information about the family, you will have to email me for the “private” blog that has been started.

Just shoot me an email, and I will direct you to the site.

OK! For my last post…this morning the snow was flying so hard we couldn’t get a satellite signal to put some tunes on while making breakfast.  So, I looked at what we have DVR’d and I found a Doobie Brothers concert I recorded a long time ago.  So I put it on, and what a hit.  Both kiddos LOVE the Doobie Bros.  The G man just stared at first then started to bop to the beat.  And the other one started dancing and got her “guitar” (a plastic bat) and started wailing on her ax.  I was so fun!!!

I almost got a little choked up thinking about the concerts that we will be able to experience with them, but the uncertainty of the whole situation makes it an emotional roller coaster.  Music has been such a huge part of my life, and I love that they both seem to love it too.

Well that is all…stay tuned for other posts of other things. 

When I got home from work the other day I had quite the welcome.

 The house was quiet, clean and smelled wonderful.

In the kitchen was some wine and a candle.

Soon, down came my 2 ladies.  All dressed up for supper!

 (Evette got to pick out her shoes)

Angela is doing an awesome job…I don’t know how she does it.  When I was at home with the kids, I couldn’t even change out of my pjs.  She cooks, cleans, plays, dresses up, and (so far) stays sane. 

How do you do it???

I love you!

The problem with not updating on a regular basis, is when it come time to update the blog, there is too much information to put into one post…most people don’t want to sit and read for three hours.

 So, in a nut shell:


We got an insta-family!!!

On the Thursday the 20th, we had a last minute meeting with health and welfare with the 3 families that have been involved with all of the kiddos.  The purpose of the meeting was to accelerate the foster care licensing process.  One of the biggest hurdles was for a family with a swimming pool.  Thanks to technology (cellphone and google’s 411 service) I was able to quickly find a solution for them.

Friday we got a call from H&W letting us know that the state would be taking over parental control and placing the children into foster care.  Not too much later there was a knock on the door and poof…happy early Christmas!!!

We also had a full house from Friday to Monday with Karey and Madadi stayed with us while the safety fence was placed around the pool.  So, we had 7 people sleeping at our house over the weekend.  Quite the full house!

We do feel for the mother, and know that this must be an extremely difficult time… however we do believe that this is the best thing for the children and the mother.  She needs help and so do the kids.

We have seen huge progress (Evette is learning about feelings and boundaries, and Joshua learned to crawl on Sunday the 23rd (Christmas eve’s-eve)).

Angela’s brother, Mike “Mmmmm-bike” was able to be a part of this whole experience with us.  Mike, thank you for all the help and support.  It was really a sweet Christmas for you to be here with us. 

I have over 300 photos to go through, but be assured that I will post more info and the photos as I have time.

Today has been full of stuff and stuff.  Thanks to an idea from Tarah we made salt dough and did an art project.  It was a hit with Evette…she loved watching me make the dough, then after we made a hand print she made all sorts of things with the left over dough.

After lunch Evette played with her baby and put her to bed…later the baby had a poopie diaper and needed changed.  Evette really REALLY wanted me to see the poopie diaper.

Joshua loves to bounce around in the doughnut thingy.  It has a small mirror and he thinks it is funny when he sees the other little boy.

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