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Can’t type much now, but I am now able to be public with my life again…for the 3 people who actually read this blog.

Stay tuned for random stuff, and stuff.

Oh, I do have a website and professional blog now.  The site is needing to be updated, but the blog is current.  Check them out here:



Sorry it has been sooooooo long!

You are just going to have to wait longer.  I have a new blog that I am working on (…

I will update this blog, I promise…but you will just have to be patient.

Well …

After several doctor visits  and lots of pain meds, sore hands and slow moving violations (self imposed)…I have an update on my knee.  The new doctor explained to me why he thought I needed an MRI, I agreed.  What an adventure.  My apt. was at 6am.  The machine is big and LOUD.  There were two things that I found very interesting during the 45 minute procedure.


I just completed the 2nd hald of the shoot…here are a few shots out of the camera:




Sort-of.  I just worked this up real quick.



Well I’ve been a little busy.  Working 3 jobs (I call it 2.5), going to school, family life, playing in a band, social life, and trying to sleep in there some time as well.


I may post more of what is going on, but I will only post some photos from my most recent project: (this is where you click “more”)


Photos from the last football game.  I love that I am able to get on the field and shoot the game for work.


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