Well …

After several doctor visits  and lots of pain meds, sore hands and slow moving violations (self imposed)…I have an update on my knee.  The new doctor explained to me why he thought I needed an MRI, I agreed.  What an adventure.  My apt. was at 6am.  The machine is big and LOUD.  There were two things that I found very interesting during the 45 minute procedure.

1. I could actually feel the magnets pulling on my blood/muscle or what ever was moving inside my leg.  As the magnet rotated around, I could track the path by how it felt.  There were 2 or 3 massive twitches that my muscles had…and I thought I messed the image up, but the tech said it looked fine.

2.  Angela and I watched Rescue Dawn a day or so before the MRI.  I slipped into some sort of dream/vision state and re-watched part of the movie in my head.  At one point in the movie Christian Bale and Steve Zahn are escaping through the jungle.  Steve’s character is much weaker and continues to grasp on to Christian.  Christian is always looking out for Steve and making sure he is comfortable even though Christian is in the same bad condition.  Some how through this re-enactment in my brain a correlation of Christians character was a great picture of Jesus.  Steve is me desperately grabbing on to him, wanting to give up and just lay down and die.  But Jesus keeps grabbing on and helps push me through.  –  I have to say, it was WEIRD and awesome at the same time.  Unfortunately a MASSIVE involuntary muscle twitch happened so my “vision” was interrupted.


My surgery is set for August 4th.  Bright and early.  I will be back at home later that day, and in bed for a week.  I am planning on being back at work the following week.  Doctor says, 6 months to full recovery, but 6 weeks to mostly functional.

Enough about me…we had another medical issue.   Angela has been playing softball with my Cousin’s team.  One Thursday, not too long ago, we all pack up and head out to the field.  Angela had a really good turn out to support her.  It was awesome.  The other team didn’t show, so they decided to have a practice scrimmage.  1/2 way through, Angela was playing 2nd base.  A short hit to shallow center field was picked up by a team mate and CHUCKED HARD to second.  So hard and fast in fact, Angela didn’t have time to react and get the glove up all the way.  It was ALMOST there, but not quite.  The ball hit the back side of her right hand and … boom, she’s out of the game. 

Little did we know it was broken.  Not just broken, but shattered.  5 pieces.  So bad infact it cannot be pinned together.  What are we going to do?  I have no idea.  She is now in a cast and mostly functional.  Its crazy to see her keep up with 95% of the daily going ons. 

Here is a photo of the throw that broke her hand:



The curch has pitched in with meals durring the week and the lawn as well.  We are grateful for the support.

Quite the family we are, broken knee, broken hand.


And lastly, here are a bunch of photos from the 4th of July.  I hope you enjoy.