May 2008

(I just realized (5 minutes after posting this) that this is not Diversion Dam, it is way to the east of Diversion dam…I really don’t know what it is called.)

Because the river is so high, I was banking on the rooster tail being out in force this weekend.  Sure enough it was!



My good friend Lance was kind enough to give our friends and me a very cool tour of the power systems process.  The amount of work and brains that go into creating and distributing electricity simply amaze me.


Just like a lot of stuff this wonderful oppertunity fell into our laps.


Good bye small Subie, hello big Honda!!  It is crazy how small the Subaru really was.  The ultra cool thing is that this will cost us no extra money, the gas is the same, and the insurance is a little cheaper!!!  WOOT WOOT!

And here are some other cool photos of the Jeep.  I took it to Firebird the other day and got my 100mph club sticker!


Here are some shots from May 2008!


OK…here are some photos:

Meet Mr. Toad.  He is a nice chap that likes to hang out once and a while. 

It has been sooooo hot the last few days (well this was a week ago)…we have been playing out side as much as possible and introduced the kiddos to the sprinkler.