February 2008


Family Stuff: 

Well we are just pulggin’ along.  Not much to talk about (besides what is going on on the other site, but if you go there, there is no reason for me to post about it here….)




This will officially be my last family update post.  Due to confidentiality issue, I need to be very careful with what I say.  I will still post about stuff and stuff, but if you want information about the family, you will have to email me for the “private” blog that has been started.

Just shoot me an email, and I will direct you to the site.

OK! For my last post…this morning the snow was flying so hard we couldn’t get a satellite signal to put some tunes on while making breakfast.  So, I looked at what we have DVR’d and I found a Doobie Brothers concert I recorded a long time ago.  So I put it on, and what a hit.  Both kiddos LOVE the Doobie Bros.  The G man just stared at first then started to bop to the beat.  And the other one started dancing and got her “guitar” (a plastic bat) and started wailing on her ax.  I was so fun!!!

I almost got a little choked up thinking about the concerts that we will be able to experience with them, but the uncertainty of the whole situation makes it an emotional roller coaster.  Music has been such a huge part of my life, and I love that they both seem to love it too.

Well that is all…stay tuned for other posts of other things.