January 2008

We continue to move forward. 

We have been working on attachment and bonding…which is VERY important for the kids development. 



When I got home from work the other day I had quite the welcome.

 The house was quiet, clean and smelled wonderful.

In the kitchen was some wine and a candle.

Soon, down came my 2 ladies.  All dressed up for supper!

 (Evette got to pick out her shoes)

Angela is doing an awesome job…I don’t know how she does it.  When I was at home with the kids, I couldn’t even change out of my pjs.  She cooks, cleans, plays, dresses up, and (so far) stays sane. 

How do you do it???

I love you!

The problem with not updating on a regular basis, is when it come time to update the blog, there is too much information to put into one post…most people don’t want to sit and read for three hours.

 So, in a nut shell: