December 2007

We got an insta-family!!!

On the Thursday the 20th, we had a last minute meeting with health and welfare with the 3 families that have been involved with all of the kiddos.  The purpose of the meeting was to accelerate the foster care licensing process.  One of the biggest hurdles was for a family with a swimming pool.  Thanks to technology (cellphone and google’s 411 service) I was able to quickly find a solution for them.

Friday we got a call from H&W letting us know that the state would be taking over parental control and placing the children into foster care.  Not too much later there was a knock on the door and poof…happy early Christmas!!!

We also had a full house from Friday to Monday with Karey and Madadi stayed with us while the safety fence was placed around the pool.  So, we had 7 people sleeping at our house over the weekend.  Quite the full house!

We do feel for the mother, and know that this must be an extremely difficult time… however we do believe that this is the best thing for the children and the mother.  She needs help and so do the kids.

We have seen huge progress (Evette is learning about feelings and boundaries, and Joshua learned to crawl on Sunday the 23rd (Christmas eve’s-eve)).

Angela’s brother, Mike “Mmmmm-bike” was able to be a part of this whole experience with us.  Mike, thank you for all the help and support.  It was really a sweet Christmas for you to be here with us. 

I have over 300 photos to go through, but be assured that I will post more info and the photos as I have time.


As quickly as they came to stay with us, they are gone.  We don’t know what the future holds, but we do know the last two  and a half weeks were a great learning experience and a great teaching experience.  ABCs, almost crawling, and potty training were achieved…about a ton of diapers gone through… hundreds of photos, and a few hours of sleep…

We loved on them and laughed with them.

The kids were safe, healthy and happy.  We were blessed to be able to help out for this time.

I will keep posting with new updates, but for now…that is all I know.

Thank you for your prayers and support!!!

Today has been full of stuff and stuff.  Thanks to an idea from Tarah we made salt dough and did an art project.  It was a hit with Evette…she loved watching me make the dough, then after we made a hand print she made all sorts of things with the left over dough.

After lunch Evette played with her baby and put her to bed…later the baby had a poopie diaper and needed changed.  Evette really REALLY wanted me to see the poopie diaper.

Joshua loves to bounce around in the doughnut thingy.  It has a small mirror and he thinks it is funny when he sees the other little boy.

I really don’t have much to say, so I will just post a few photos from the last few days.

Angela and Evette decorating the tree


Lately I have been feeling old…we hit the sack after we finally get the kids down for bed.  This is normally around 8:30 to 9:00 by the time all the drama ends. (starting at 7:00)

It is funny how we try to be quiet and not make any noise for fear of waking the little ones.  Every click and creak is a scare.  The worst is if I have to clear my throat…ugh it is like an atomic blast going off.

Last night I actually got 7 hours of sleep (opposed to the 3-4 hours I have been getting)!!!  I did wake up at 12:00 2:00 4:00 and 5:00 (stayed awake at 5:00) but I was able to fall right back asleep.  Which was a REALLY nice change from waking up at 11:00 to change a diaper or just rock back to sleep…then again at 1:00 to stay up until 4:00.  I can’t really complain though.  Angela is the one being called out to and she is the one that is doing all the work…and then she gets up at 6:00 to get ready for her job so she has time to do Evette’s hair and get her dressed.  Coffee has become a must in the mornings…I used to like it, but now I “need” it. 

Routines have become a wonderful reality.

I REALLY cannot wait until she can quit her job and she can be full time mommy.  It is ironic that I want to be at work to provide and she wants to be at home to provide.  Things will change in the near future (Lord willing).

Evette and I have fun during the day inventing new games (rocket and ready-set-go) and she is super helpful with the G-man.

I am grateful that my current clients like kids and understand our situation.  I showed a $650,000 house with both kids in tow, and even changed a diaper on the floor.  It was hard for Evette not to play with all the cool toys, and she quickly saw a bicycle outside.  I thought she was telling me it was her bike, but soon realized that it was a Dora bicycle and it matched her shirt.

Well I have ignored the kids long enough…back to eating block cookies and seeing what new noises I can teach JiJi.

We have had a very busy week and weekend.

We had Michelle and Autumn over for play time (and to help Ben figure out what else to do…you can only dance, play blocks and make shapes in the carpet so many times in one day) 


Well a week has passed…and nothing has changed on the information front.


I don’t have time to type up what is going on, or even post photos, but just be praying.  We are hopeful that the agencies involved will do the right thing for the kids.



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