September 2007

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Our first home study was the other night.  For 2 or 3 days we were cleaning and scrubbing and de-junking and organizing… installing kid proof hardware on cupboards and electrical outlets….

The time came and our case worker showed up right on time…

The whole interview and the “inspection” of the home was actually really nice.  We had great conversation and even laughed a lot.  Our case worker is super nice and gave us some good suggestions/hints to what else we need to do.


I was thankful the night went really smooth.


On to the next step!

What a trip! 

This weekend was much needed fun and relaxation. 

All of us had a raging good time…we ate like kings (Thanks to Jimmy Ray)…we had great refreshments…good adventures…great conversation…crazy dancing to the best ‘80s  music… 

I took a lot of photos, but I am hoping Becky will send me some to post that she took of the dance party and rock rolling adventure. 

Here is a glimpse of how the party weekend went:



We are about to embark on a trip of epic proportions…a trip that hasn’t been made in many… many years.

This trip to outsiders is nothing to view as amazing or spectacular. 

But to the guys…the guys that made this trip over a decade ago…this journey is what life is all about.

Now the wives of said guys, they may have a different take on this trip once it is all said and done.  Things may be learned that quite possibly shouldn’t be learned by spouses.  Antics and behaviors may be displayed much to the dismay of the spousal units. 

But alas! 

All has meaning, all has purpose and all is necessary to happen on this adventure of adventures.

I will be sure to take full record of this weekend excursion as is tradition… 

(stay tuned)

Before I get to the point of this post, I want to make an announcement… I am officially old (by my younger years standard).  I recently found Bloomberg Radio on Sirius Satellite Radio…not only did I find it, but I listened to it all day as I was driving around, and (here is the kicker) I understood it and LIKED it!!!  As a kid, this would have been torture to listen to…




Sunday rolls around every week like like clock work.  Fortunately the events that take place on Sunday are never the same.

This week Tom taught on Hope…not A New Hope… a lot of what he said I needed to hear.  Thanks Tom!

After church we had all of the families come over for some food and fun, and man-o-man did we have both.  After all the food and ice-cream we headed over to the Hargrave’s for some swimming.

I took over 300 photos yesterday, and here are a few choice for your viewing pleasure:


Wow…Life is interesting and being stretched is fun to watch.  This last week Angela had quite an adventure.  She wrote an email describing the events that took place: