August 2007

It has been a hard few days (actually the hardest thing I have ever gone through), but we must move forward. 

We are moving full speed ahead with the adoption process through the agency.  Today we get to visit the Social Security office (who knows where the old cards are).  

I am back to working full days now, and Angela will be headed back to work next week some time. 

The 24 hours that we had were awesome, and we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are ready to be parents…more than ready.

Here are a few photos from last Saturday:


Well…just like the title says, I cannot believe all of this is happening.

Just as quickly as we had a son …we had him for almost 24 hours exactly…the birth mother changed her mind and now he is gone.

I am still holding on to a little hope. 

It has been a crazy weekend from pure joy to pure sorrow.

Please pray for us as we grieve, and pray for Joshua and the rest of the families involved.

See  Tarah wrote it up really well.

Its hard to believe that just a few short days ago we got the news!  If feels like weeks have past…and now there are just hours left.

As I said in yesterdays post we were going to paint the baby room.  We did, with the help of Jake it went with out a hitch.  It really surprised me how drab the bedroom was before.  I didn’t realize how much a little color helps so much.  Here are the before and after photos:


What a whirlwind!!!!  It feels like it was a month ago when we heard the news.  But it has only been a few days.  We went shopping last night for some stuff, and it was hilarious trying to find clothes and PJs.  We didn’t even know where to look.  For a while all we could find was girls clothes.  I was just laughing at how little I know about little kiddos.   Shopping for a 5 month old in the 18 month section is funny enough.


As stated in a previous post big news to be announced: 

Huge news for us…(click “more” to find out what)


We went to see Josh Groban in concert tonight. 

To say the least I was not really looking forward to the event.  I know that he is an amazing vocalist, and I can respect that.  It just isn’t really my “type” of music.



Stay tuned for some really big news.  I cannot divulge anything at this point.  But all three of you will be in the know as soon as I can tell.

In other news (not nearly as important)…


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