Well, I got it!!! 

I got the job! 

I couldn’t believe it when I got the phone call.  Angela was sitting next to me and I told her.  She acted more excited that I did.  I guess it didn’t seem real, but I knew that it would sink in when I had to go on my first shoot.

my first published photo

Well that is the first photo I have had published.  Unfortunately when they printed the paper, they didn’t give the credit to me…I am guessing because Stan (the other photographer) has been doing it for 7 years, and it was probably just force of habit.  I really don’t care for this first one, I know it was me, and you now know…it is just cool to have a picture that I took going out to a lot of people to see!!!

Like I said before it didn’t sink in until I went to shoot my first game. 

What an experience. 

I didn’t really know where to go…I had a special entrance to the locker room area and a door right to the ground level of the court.  After finding my way down the really long hallway, I popped out on the floor to a game already in progress.  Luckily I saw a guy shooting video for the paper sitting on the court on the side (along with some other photographer) so I go to sit next to them, and I get a quick warning not to go where I am standing (I went too far down the sidelines).  I quickly thanked the other photographer, and walked back towards the baseline of the court. 

I also happened to be wearing shoes that make like to leave a lot of rubber on wood floors.  I didn’t notice until the other photographer pointed out to me and suggested wearing different shoes.  Man did I feel like a dumb-ass.  I did my best to rub the black marks with my hand, but not miss any of the game…and a few moments later some official from BSU also pointed out to me that my shoes were leaving marks all over the place.  So, I took off my shoes so they wouldn’t leave any more marks.

At half time, I didn’t want to put my shoes back on so I walked around in just my socks and shot the rest of the game that way.  It probably looked funny, but I really didn’t care. 

I just shot my second game, and I really feel like I did a much better job (with both the pictures I took, and how I acted on the floor). 

I guess I will have to wait to see what the editor thinks.