I am currently waiting to hear if I have been accepted for the sports photography position at BSU’s newspaper, the Arbiter.  Here is the whole story (so far): 

I applied to become a full time student last fall, I don’t know why, but I just felt like I really needed to get smarter…so that day I went down to admissions and applied.  2 weeks later I got the letter saying I was in.

After a few weeks I went to the new student orientation…and thought that I should see about shooting some photos for the news paper.  I dropped by and there just happened to be someone there to talk to me.  He informed me that there was an opening, but it was for a different position other than sports.  I wasn’t interested in shooting anything other than sports so I left my business card and went on my merry way. Several more weeks passed and I got a phone call from the editor-in-chief from the Arbiter…he was given my card and decided to call me about a photographer position.  I told him that I was really only interested in the sports position…he then let me know that things had changed and they were now looking for a new sports guy to replace the current photographer, as he is no longer going to be a student after the spring semester.  Needless to say that REALLY got my heart racing.  He asked me to drop off some sort of portfolio with in the next few days. The very next day I dropped off the “Ben’s favorite photos v1.0” DVD I made…and then waited again.  I cannot remember how long I had to wait this time, but I think it was really only a week or so.  After the editor-in-chief saw the video, he called me for a formal interview with him and one other guy.  I showed up to the interview, but the other guy was not able to make it.  I think the interview went smoothly and I answered all the questions satisfactorily (as far as I could tell).  My interviewer then told me that the missing guy would be calling me for his portion of the interview and that I should know something by the end of the week. 

2 weeks passed and I still never heard from the “other guy” so I called the EIC and asked him if there was anything I needed to do.  He advised me to call the “other guy”.  So I did, and left him a message…more time. 

In the mean time, I decided to figure out how to get credit for the position if I ended up getting it.  I went to meet with the head of the Communication department, and he was not there, but was expected back shortly.  So I sat and chatted with the very nice admin…for a very long time.  Time ran out and I had to get working (at making money) so I told her that I would just come back some other day.  Another day came and he was there, but had just stepped out.  Luckily he was back faster than I could say “he was back faster than …” we spoke briefly about receiving communication credit even though I am not a communication major…”No problem, you just need to meet with Dr. Dan at the Arbiter…and he is out of town till next week, but he will be checking his email…”  

So, I send Dr. Dan a brief email requesting a few short minutes of his time to discuss receiving credit.  He responded by that evening and I had a meeting scheduled for the following Tuesday.            Tuesday:  I am running late…BLAST!!!  I called down to the Arbiter to inform Dr. Dan that I would be a few minutes late.  I show up only 6 minutes late and Dr. Dan is ready to meet with me.  I must say that Dr. Dan is a very nice fellow, but he really wasn’t informed about why I wanted to meet with him, and I don’t see how he really could have known either.  He was under the impression that I wanted to be a sports writer…I laughed at that and explained my desire to shoot photos.  After we got on the same page, he wanted to know if I had a portfolio.  I let him know that I dropped one off quite a while ago to the EIC…but luckily I had an extra copy in my coat.  He was happy about that and popped it into his iMAC.


      We try another computer: ERROR

      Another ERROR


It turns out that no one has even tried to read a DVD disc on any of the computers yet and an administrator HAS to enter a password for the first time.  Turns out that the computer IT guy was out of the state for another 2 weeks.

I really think Dr. Dan was beginning to think I was some schmuck that was wasting his time, but luckily another student came to help figure things out (really all that happed was that we tried all of the computers (and the TV) until one was able to read the disc)  Both Dr. Dan and the student liked what they saw and Dr. Dan said “I don’t see why we can’t have you on board…You will need to go upstairs to talk to the Business Manager to get the paperwork done and schedule an orientation…”  Dr. Dan then filled out the application for credit for me and signed it. 

Upstairs:  The business manager is out of the office until 9PM.  D!Oh!  The receptionist happened to know his hours and that he would be in his office at 930 the next morning, which just happens to be when my class gets out.  So then I huff it back over to the Communication building to get the Chair’s signature (you see I HAD to get Dr. Dan’s signature FIRST, then I could get signature #2)…again I just missed the chairman, but again he was right back and signed for me…3 minutes till 5:00pm…I really want to get this into the proper hands at the administration building before they close.  I bused out of the Comm building and ran for the Admin building.  One minute to spare, but I cannot talk due to my sucking wind.  After I compose my self I am able to turn in the paperwork, and explain why I am out of breath…”OH, we are open until 6:00!!!”  HA!

9:00 I am back at the Arbiter, and no business manager…but the receptionist informs me that he is always on time and will be in any minute.  15 minutes later still no manager.  The receptionist tries his cell and he is 10 minutes away.  10 minutes later in walks the business manager! 


After a few minutes of meeting with the business manager, it is quite clear that I am not official yet, and will have to wait for another phone call and some other meetings need to take place before anything else needs to be done.Back to waiting…but just a few minutes ago I got the (what I hope is) the last phone interview. 

Again I think it went well, and I should hear back in one to two days…