January 2007


Well I made it through week 2 with no problems.  This week was a little more packed, but still manageable.  I had a lot of home-work and work-work to juggle, but managed to even go on a date night with my wife (dinner and a movie).




Well I finished my first week with out any major mistakes.  I had the opportunity to be late to my first math class, but I chose to park in a lot that you have to pay for (right out side of the math building)….  If I didn’t park in the place that I did, I would have been 15 minutes late…I walked in right on time.  15 minutes into the class someone walked in and got the EVIL EYE and a stern reminder when class started.  I was glad to spend the $3.00 to make it on time.  Today was my first successful day at waking up (and getting



Well day one was a great!  I showed up almost an hour early (not sure how bad traffic was going to be) and a result was a PERFECT parking spot was available for the taking.  (more…)


1. Work has picked up  (WOO HOO!!!)

2. School starts Monday (not really sure if it does or not, my schedule on line says I have a 7am class…I guess I am going to show up and if no one is there, then I will have an early start on my day)

3. I received a phone call from the Arbiter the other night.  They want to interview me for the Sports Photography position…which I am not looking forward to at all.  It would mean that I would have to travel with the football team on ALL of their away games (including Hawaii and any bowl games they have to go to). 

With out taking the Sports photography position, I will be at 11 credits…with it 13 or 14… 

I am not sure if I am excited about school or not. 

I don’t know if it will make me maxed out with work and all (including my volunteer stuff) or if I will just be happily busy.

Needless to say I am totally jacked about the photography stuff.  It really is a rare oppertunity that I have a shot at.  If I get it, I will be mentored under the current sports guy for one semister.  I guess he has won a lot of awards for his work.

Oh, before I forget, we are almost done with the movie (from this summer).  There are just a few final editing cuts to be made…(then the horrid task of sound editing and color matching).  After that the soundtrack will be attempted, then final cut and movie time!!!

Well that is all for now, but I hope the three of you are happy with the update

After much hazing (from one of the three people that read this blog)  about not updating what is going on in my life…I have decided to update, but unfortunately I have to work now, so I only have time to say that I am going to post some updates…soon.

(I hope you are happy)