July 2006

Here are a few more photos from this weekend of dirtyness…I didnt take a shower until I got home on Sunday night.  I had to use a scrubbrush on my feet, they were GROSSSSSSS!!!!!! Come to think of it, I should have taken a photo of that, oh well…maybe next time.

Stitched photo directing.jpg


Sometimes my thumbnails show up, and other times they don’t so please just click the red x(es) to see the photos.

Well, just got back from a 3 day shoot for the short film Horizon Trail (actually it is the sequel to Horizon Trail, but I don’t know the name of this film).  It was a fun (but intense) 3 days of filming.  There were a lot of people, guns, horses and mosquitoes.  We shot from 6pm to 10pm Friday, 8am to 10pm Saturday, and 7:30am to 4:30pm Sunday.My buddy DR wrote starred and directed the whole project.  He has great amazing vision and creativity (and he is quite the actor too).  The action shots were the best that I have seen for an independent film…I am really glad that he let me be a part of this project. OK.  Here are some photos from this weekend.  I hope you enjoy them.

Old west setView from 4D RanchWe hung some people

As you probably know, I am a Real Estate Professional (at some point I may discuss what the Idaho LAW says about “professionals” but not now(and also in a different post I will probably discuss my fascination with using parenthesis(you see I really really like to use them))) and I have sold some cool houses…(I also like to use the … a lot too(but I probably won’t write about the ellipses))

Here is a photo of house that I sold that I really like.


Fun with lightning!

This is a test to see if I will be able to share photos with you (whom ever you are, maybe it will just be me looking at much smaller versions of photos I took my self..)

But I won’t change it…

My buddy Hoopy Frood just started a blog here too (www.seriouslygoofy.wordpress.com) and so it inspired me to do the same.  I have always wanted to write down my strange thoughts and share with whom ever…(I am not entirely sure if that is a true statement, it may be that I just want to be cool like Hoopy)

I am guessing that if I ever post again, it will most likely include photography or autos…  I am thinking about posting other personal issues here, but I will discuss those if they ever come up. 

Well…because this is my very first experience at blogging, I will press this save button and see what happens!